Doing a course before renovating sounds complicated

Is taking a specific course before using a design professional to design my upcoming room refresh just a little advanced or unnecessary?

It truly depends, but it is highly unlikely it will too advanced, complicated or unnecessary… 

Before I give you a longer answer, the bottomline is this:

  • * The ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ course is not teaching you to be creative.
  • * Nor is it teaching you how to become an interior designer or architect.

It guides and helps you to write down what you like, dislike, desire, etc. in a strategic manner that then guides your design professional in the right direction from your initial meeting with them, through to the day you part company with them at the project finish.

You will enjoy the process (I promise). 

If you want to join the 24.6% of homeowners that have an ongoing love of the finished space, then, you personally, need to put in time upfront prior to discussing your room refresh project.

Your chosen design professional cannot justify spending 40-50+ hours one-on-one with you learning in-depth about you to make the right decisions 99% of the time. (Nor can you afford to pay them for that time!).

If you want to know the difference between the often-used design brief in the building/renovation industry, and my Ultimate Design Brief, then click here.

If you don’t want to waste up to 29.6% of your hard-earned money on unnecessary and embarrassing rework, then it is also worthwhile doing this course.

The majority of our best students came into our programme just beginning their design personality journey. We’ve also had longtime DIY “veterans” use our program to create a renovation/room makeover that 100% resonates with them long term. Resilience and perseverance are really the only common denominators among all our successful students

Your Ultimate Design Brief makes NO assumptions about your current understanding as it relates to knowing your design personality. 90% of homeowners that do the course have zero understanding of their design personality. That’s why we completely map out the entire process of what is in our course. It’s a combination of both strategy and mindset training that will help you move forward. 

Whether you’re somewhat new to the design world or you’ve been at this a while, the difference-maker will ALWAYS be your willingness to stay the course, trust the process, and ask the questions needed to move you forward with confidence.

That being said, if you are embarking on a renovation project for the first time or have been through a room makeover before, this is the best way to ensure you can hit the ground running. Your Ultimate Design Brief will guide you through the entire process to achieve a completed, fully comprehensive design brief ready for handover to a design professional, or to proceed to the stage where you start designing as a DIYer. 

Don’t worry that this is a “course”, and you haven’t been to school, polytech or university for a long time! It is not an arduous thing to learn; like advanced physics or calculus (which would definitely stretch my brain capacity to its limits!)

This is a fun and enjoyable course all about YOU. To learn more about the details of this fun adventure that is not too advanced, dry or boring (like school was some days), then click here.