Take course before or during my renovation?

  • Where does Your Ultimate Design Brief fit into my upcoming renovation or new home build?

    Right at the beginning! 

    When you create your home with love, you get clear on what home means for you and what your vision of your future home might look like.

    It is important to understand why you’re creating these new spaces or building your home in the first place.

    It is crucial to get informed and guided so you can be an active collaborator in making your

    dream room or house happen. Creating a home with (personal – not someone else’s) passion is what turns a house into a home.

    Remodelling or building a new home can be on a homeowner’s mind for two or more years. During this time, they will work on their renovation or new build, and gather inspiration and ideas. Unless you have a clear idea of your first steps or specific knowledge about where you live and what you plan to do, that time could be wasted. 

    You can benefit from guidance from someone who’s done this before. Taking this step will help you manage your risk, get the guidance you need through tricky bits, and produce your Ultimate Design Brief ready to get going. You can do this. You don’t have to do it alone.

    In fact, why would you? When a room makeover has this much significance, meaning, and impact;

    • * The room can affect your mood every time you walk into that space;
      • * A finished renovation has the power to energise, relax or make you feel physically ill.
    • * A room refresh can waste up to 1/3 of your precious budget on dreaded and embarrassing rework.
    • * A home improvement project can provide you with an increased feeling of happiness (over and above any pay rise or amount of wealth you have accumulated).
    • * Any form of room alteration can make you regret and endlessly say “It looks technically perfect – yet there is something just not right about it…”
      • And frustrate you endlessly – if only you…
      • (a) knew what was annoying you about it, and,
      • (b) you had the budget and expertise to fix it…

    Do you really want to just ‘wing it’?

    Doing your homework in the form of Your Ultimate Design Brief is not only sensible, but it will accelerate your journey and ensure your success – if you get knowledgeable guidance to show you the way. To learn more about Kristina  (your guide), and ‘Team Cope’ click here. To learn more about ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ click here. To get answers click on common FAQs here