what is your ultimate design brief course?

  • What is ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’? (Is it a course to do before starting a residential room makeover?)

    Your Ultimate Design Brief is a 9-week online digital course for homeowners wanting to do a basic refresh of a room through to a renovation (or new build) in their residential home to guarantee ongoing love of the completed project, that is on budget

    This course helps develop your confidence and clarifies your understanding of who you are and what you like so you can step into and be part of the decisions, discussions and design process.

    This is achieved by the homeowner discovering their unique design personality and either sharing this with a design professional or if DIY, using it as a compass to guide them with their design. 

    To determine exactly what your needs are, you must take the time and care to record them. This “record” is what is referred to as a “design brief”.

    Creating a solid clear customised design brief is the homeowner’s very first priority when considering a new project. Your ability to clearly express your overall requirements will determine the long-term success of your project.

    A mismatch between your design personality and the finished project can be devastating. Your Ultimate Design Brief Course helps you avoid any unnecessary rework costs that can add up to 29.6% to your project budget if you are dissatisfied with the final result – which 75.4% of homeowners are. 🙁  

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