There’s no way around it: the quality of your preparation is essential to the success of your entire home renovation or specific room improvement project.

By focusing on this crucially important yet often overlooked the first stage in the design 

process, you’ll lay the foundation for your entire project, that provides ongoing joy to you for many years.

Your Ultimate Design Brief will show you exactly how to clearly and concisely document your unique design personality. But, it doesn’t stop there.

Your Ultimate Design Brief course will also show you what information is important when working with any designer or tradesperson. It gives each student confidence to be involved in design discussions and make the ultimate decisions for their project, large or small.

This course is, by far, the most comprehensive program for validating, creating, understanding, and questioning the qualities that make you unique. This will include both interior design and architecture.

By the end of the program you will: 

* Finally, nail down what you actually like (and dislike) into a document you can share with a design professional to ensure success, or as a DIYer, use it like a “compass” to guide you to success.

* How to have clarity and confidence in your decision-making processes. A renovation or new build can involve over 15,000 choices, so I’ll be sharing help on how you can access some objectivity and make the right (for you) clear choices.

* Produce easy-to-follow documents that ensure designers are on board with the complex layers that build a strong design brief, right from the very beginning of your collaboration.

* Alongside these documents, you will craft “Blueprint Intention Planning”® and “Obsession Creation”® boards that showcase your unique design personality, along with what that entails and how it will affect your project concept. These are visual representations of “you.”

* Expertly record and publish all of the unique ideas that are meaningful to you—even if you’ve never done a project before, and this seems completely foreign to you.

* Implement a new way of approaching the most significant and important part of your build or project. Allow the sequence of exercises and information you learn through each module to give you the best possible chance at succeeding in your project. Plus, enable all 3rd-party contractors (design professionals, tradespeople, etc) to immediately understand YOU – saving time and money by knowing what you want.

* Dramatically cut down on time and money wasted on unnecessary rework that adds anywhere from 12 to 29.6% of your project spent discussing what you ‘might’ like to do with a design professional.

* Eliminate fluster and stress when the barrage of decisions and questions needs to be answered promptly before being overwhelmed by the next lot that comes at you as your project progresses!

* Validate your project so you’re sure your family, designer, plus others (whoever is in your “team”) all have the same understanding of what you like and dislike out of the hundreds of different design styles, millions of colours and patterns, furniture and accessory options, and how you plan to use the finished space. They are all on board, willing and excited to get stuck in before you invest your time and money into this future creation (and every subsequent renovation you embark on).

* If you are doing a project that involves more than just you, leverage a mix of different design personalities that will share the renovated space with them. Know how to enrol your family or partner to get a successful outcome for all parties.

* Feel confident and in love with your finished project. You are not swayed by rapidly moving trends, or well-meaning mother-in-law and ‘friends’ who believe their opinion is better than yours-even when you spend 69.7% of every day indoors in your home, and they rarely come around to visit in reality!

Bottomline: Whether you’re doing DIY design or working with a professional, you’ll be able to translate your vision for your future home into a clear design plan. And you’ll do this in a way that makes it possible to communicate your biggest ambitions to everyone involved. If you haven’t already grabbed my 3 essential preparation steps guide + budget sheet, get it here.

Otherwise, learn more about Your Ultimate Design Brief course here. I look forward to guiding you to becoming a Fearless Happy Homeowner®!