CDC Insider Secrets Kitchen Makeover Cheatsheet


Insider Secrets Kitchen Makeover Cheat Sheet

Awesome kitchens that you love to cook in and friends and family naturally gravitate towards and compliment you about just don’t happen… they require the kitchen designer to clearly understand YOU and your family’s needs and wants.

Start with this cheat sheet written by Kitchen Designer of 5 years, mother, cook, and party Queen Kristina!

What you'll learn:

Unbiased suggestions and questions that help you clearly think about what YOU need and want in your next kitchen.

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"When I look at my kitchen there is not one thing that I would change. Love the colour, layout, practicality & the stylish look"

“We used Kristina to re-design our very dated kitchen which we had had for 15 years. Kristina was open to all our ideas but we were also well guided by her with her creative and architectural ideas, many of which we ended up using. She drew our attention to detail, many of which we hadn’t thought about. As you can imagine, it is quite the process of redesigning a kitchen and Kristina guided us professionally and gently with all the decisions that needed making.

When I look at my kitchen there is not one thing that I would change. We love the colour, layout, practicality and stylish look.

We especially liked that Kristina had an architectural background and combined with her creative flair – that was the reason we went with her.

Our new kitchen has lots more space for us to move about in, the pantry is larger with more storage and the layout is much more user friendly.

We chose a colourful glass splashback (aqua blue) which we get many positive comments on and it feels like a little bit of outdoors is now indoors. It is easy to keep clean and sharpens up pretty quickly for events or gatherings.

Kristina works hard to meet the needs of her clients whilst also offering her creative and stylish ideas and guiding you through the process. Many of those are hard to resist! Her architectural background is one of the many strengths she brings to her interior design role. Kristina also has a passion for colour and enjoys working with different textures if that is what you are looking for.

I tell you all of this not because she is going to design your next kitchen, but, because she will teach you how to ensure you get a kitchen you absolutely LOVE as we do with ours!

– CLAIRE SEEL – Qualified Counsellor & Auckland Homeowner (Who Makes The Best Choc Brownies!)
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Hello, I'm Kristina!

For 5+ years, I designed kitchens full-time during my career as an architect, interior designer, and renovator/builder!

Kitchens are one of THE most expensive renovations within any home… You can spend from $3,000 to refresh your cabinetry fronts to anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000+.

I have seen and installed many styles, and they can all look ‘fantastic’, but a kitchen has to be so much more from both form and functionality and the hub of a home.

Start the process with confidence. Use this cheat sheet to start you off in the right frame of mind.

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