free vs paid service?

  • Why pay $997 for ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’, when a Design Professional will include it in their fee before they start designing my home improvement project?

    In fact, if I search online, I can easily find a Free Project Design Brief Template as a DIYer!

    Free vs paid - the course is yours with the finished result

    You are absolutely right as 99% of design professionals – from architects to interior designers, through to colour consultants and design-build companies – definitely include some form of design questionnaire ‘Customer Project Design Brief’, or similar, for you to fill in prior to starting the creative process on your behalf. But, what is the value to either party?

    The homeowner fills out a 3-5 page ‘Customer Project Design Brief’ questionnaire, and the design professional interprets the basic answers in an attempt to understand them;

    • * But what about your partner who also lives in your home? (They give you two questionnaires?)
    • * What about the other family members? (3+ questionnaires?)
    • * How much time did you put into those answers? 35+ hours? (Yeah right).
    • * How many hours did the professional put into interpreting your answers? 20+ hours? (Yeah right).
    • * How many hours of one-on-one back and forth robust dialogue happened to fully understand YOU by the professional? 30+ hours? (Maybe – if you are lucky).

    But wait a minute – how did you ‘pay’ for those last 30 hours?

    As a design professional, I charge $197/hour. 30 x 197 = $5910 would be my fee – which would be built into the overall project budget. This is before I start the creative design for you, along with other tasks I perform on your behalf (project management, shopping for accessories with you, etc). Is this a realistic use of your money and the design professionals’ time? I would say, “No!” 

    The other question you need to think about is this: “Did the design professional clearly document your design personality, and give you a copy of it?” Or, more importantly, “Do they actually know how to interpret the questions they asked – assuming they delved into psychology based questions?”

    … Because the crux of this conversation is that every one of us has a unique ‘design personality’ – which is complex and not able to be answered through a 3-5 page (or 30-50 page if you subscribe to the larger is better argument!) questionnaire – nor can be accurately interpreted by a 3rd party…  

    My colleagues LOVE the creative part of being a design professional – hence why we became an architect, interior designers, landscape designers, etc. Doing the actual front-end ‘learn what makes the client tick’ part is not creative – it can be similar to pulling teeth for many… 

    This is why I, and a growing number of design professionals, recommend you invest in the Creating Design Clarity Toolbox® course called ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’, prior to engaging with any professional or starting your DIY project. But, why? 

    First off, the most important investment is learning and clearly documenting your unique and personal design personality. Think of it like an insurance policy that you only pay once, and then you can claim it (use) over and over again – for every future renovation or new build you are personally involved in. This is one of the unique features of the Your Ultimate Design Brief course – you own the IP (Intellectual Property) about yourself – compared to the ‘old way’ of either blindly following your instincts as a DIYer, or when using a design professional they quickly attempt to learn (in 2-3 hours) who you are, what your preferences are… In both scenarios, you wonder why only 24.6% of homeowners love the finished result of the latest home improvement project? 

    We guarantee you will pay back your investment in yourself, through:

    • * Immediately minimising ‘rework’ that adds 12.4% to 29.6% of unexpected unbudgeted costs to every residential renovation or new build project – immediately saving you anywhere from $1700 to $30k depending on which room/space you are working on.
    • * Ensuring you join the elite group of 24.6% of homeowners who LOVE and feel absolute joy from their renovation – for years in the distant future.
    • * Having increased clarity (and reduced anxiety), when communicating with design professionals and tradespeople, or being more confident, with increased inner happiness when your ‘sister’ and ‘friends’ comment on your finished room makeover with well-intentioned criticism…
    • *In addition to ongoing personal satisfaction with the finished space, you also amortise your initial investment by reapplying Your Unique Design Brief over and over again (without the further investment required with us) for each subsequent renovation you tackle in the future. (The average homeowner takes on 3-4 major renovations in every house they own).
    • *Having not wasted unnecessary time filling out a 3-5 questionnaire, or finding that your design professional has not interpreted YOU as well as you thought they could’ve… (aka a disaster). 

    The one-off investment for you to learn your personal design personality and document it in ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ is just NZD$997. Learn more here

    Learning about your needs, wants, and design preferences can seem like a BIG endeavour. We want you to know that as a member of Your Ultimate Design Brief, you will have all of the support and the tools you’ll need at your fingertips to successfully document a lifelong lasting brief that is usable for every renovation (or new build) you tackle in the future. 

    Or put it another way – 

    It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money — that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is wise to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.”

    John Ruskin. 

    If you’re ready to truly understand your unique design personality, and then share it with either your design professional, design & build company, or, as a DIYer, use it as a compass to guide all of your colour, style, window treatments, furniture, accessory decisions, then, get excited! Your investment in the Creating Design Clarity course ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ gets you access to a full support system and a complete toolkit to get you taking powerful action in your home! Learn more about the next upcoming ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ course, here.