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Who else wants to join 24.6% of homeowners that LOVE their home after a renovation?

Unfortunately, 42.3% of people who engage with an interior designer architectural service (or DIY) in NZ or Australia, will say, “something is missing here” at the end of the renovation process… In addition, room makeovers waste 12.4% to 29.6% of the overall project on costly & embarrassing rework. Don’t let that be you!

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Understanding YOU is the Key To DIY Success

DIY renovations are stressful for many reasons.  Avoiding embarrassing budget blowouts and guaranteeing the end result is a space you LOVE to dwell in, is vital.  


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The choices are immense when it comes to interior design styles, colours, textures, and patterns. The range and quality of the appliances, furniture and professional designers, through to explanatory DIY information are available for any budget. HOWEVER, they are all a waste of time without preparation  & you knowing your unique design personality. Start your successful renovation by getting these resources below and learning from me…

About Me

Hello, I'm Kristina

My name is Kristina Cope –  BArch, Dip Interior Design & Pracademic; I unlock your unique colour psychology profile and design style from within. This enables you to confidently engage & create ‘magic’ with architects, interior designers, or, DIY your home renovation to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the end result…

I achieve this by unlocking your design clarity BEFORE you even start your renovation or complete house-build. This effectively STOPS the feeling of immense dissatisfaction that 42.3% of home renovators experienceregardless of whether they use a professional designer or 100% DIY…

Even if you are satisfied with the last renovation or room makeover recently completed, it is likely you wasted between 12.4% to 29.6% of your budget on avoidable rework.

My Creating Design Clarity Toolbox® shows you how to minimise this wastage and pays for my programme costs over and over again with every project you (DIY or using a design professional) embark on.

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Your Ultimate Design Brief

The name title is unassuming, however, the content is extremely powerful & literally life-changing for all homeowners. Ground-breaking research confirms 35+ years of observing homeowner satisfaction levels while working as an interior designer, architect, kitchen designer and window treatment designer.


"It was brilliant and I cannot recommend her enough!"

“Working with Kristina has been rewarding. Her ability to genuinely listen, absorb the advice given, mould it and combine it with the vast wealth of knowledge and experience in her field has been impressive to witness. These skills are a clear reflection of her professionalism and talent as an Architect & Interior Designer. She has a level of creativity and intuitiveness that clearly allow her to understand what her clients want and need. During one of our sessions, she walked me through a process she has developed for her business. I was gladly surprised to find myself on the other side, identifying my own home designing style and having a clear idea of what I really wanted. It was brilliant and I cannot recommend her enough!”