If you are looking at tackling a new build or renovating a space within your home that will be used by both of you regularly (e.g. lounge, living, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, outdoor entertainment area etc), then we encourage you both to do the course together.

One person registers, and you both do the

 exercises together to create a combined Your Ultimate Design Brief (that represents both of you).  

You will find this to be potentially a very exciting journey of self-discovery together. 

If you are looking to renovate anything in your home – then this typically involves investing time and/or money; it is not always a decision you can make on your own. 

Communication is key in any relationship. Have an open and honest conversation with your partner about your why.

What is your why? Why is this important to you, how do you see this changing your life, and how are you going to get there?

Some of the topics you might want to bridge with them are as follows:

  • * “I have been having this odd feeling that the decor and style inside our home does not suit me. It actually makes me feel a little uncomfortable…”
    • * “Before you say I am making this up – did you realise that 75.4% of homeowners that have recently finished a room makeover have the same uncomfortable feelings?” 
  • * “You know how you want to build an outdoor entertainment area with a pizza oven, BBQ, infra-red heaters, covered area, etc… did you realize that up to 29.6% of the budget for doing this is wasted on embarrassing rework?
    • * “However, I have found a way to minimise that wasteful cost, and how to ensure we both absolutely LOVE the finished result!”
  • * “For us both to enjoy the finished renovation AND survive the actual renovation process itself,  this course sounds really interesting! It promises to reduce anxiety, stress, and overwhelm before and during a renovation, as well as help us minimize wasteful rework. Does that sound intriguing to you?”
  • * “I have found this great renovation preplanning resource. Check it out – it includes a spreadsheet and helpful tips and hints!”

In other words, appeal to both sides of their minds; the logical as well as the emotional.

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