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Are you ready to take the journey with your home…

Stressed about not getting it right?

Worried you may not love the final results?

Want a guarantee for your next room makeover?

At Creating Design Clarity we are so sure that our proven process called the  ‘Austin Home Method®‘ is exactly what you need to have a smooth stress-free room makeover,  by you learning about yourself first! We believe in it so much we offer a money-back guarantee!

About - Are you ready to take the journey

About Me

Hello, I'm Kristina

My passion is helping you unlock your unique colour psychology profile and design style. Going into a design project is stressful enough; I help you know exactly what you are looking for and be able to confidently engage with architects and interior designers or DIY your home renovation or house construction to ensure you love your new space and truly feel “at home” in your house. (Even if you are renting).

About Me - Kristina

I am a registered Architect (BArch, Auckland University), and a qualified Interior Designer (DipInt Design, Sydney) – based in Auckland, New Zealand.

For 35+ years, I have designed and built wonderful spaces for people to live in and call home. During this time, I have found the ONLY way you can achieve ongoing love and joy from any home improvement project is by clearly knowing before starting any design process exactly who you are, what you deeply love and hold dear to you, and clearly documenting and communicating these truths.

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Imagine if it were possible…

Envision how you will feel every time you walk into your home, and feel completely content and relaxed… the stress of the day falling off like a heavy coat hitting the floor… you are completely at ease with your new-look room. Does that feel good?

Unfortunatelyonly 32% had confidence in their involvement in the process, and 45% were neutral.  

Believe it or not – all of Creating Design Clarity clients have achieved a 100% level of satisfactionYou can as well, and beat those terrible odds.

More importantly, it enables them to assuredly allow their design / artistic flair to flourish, to tap into their up-to-date knowledge of materials and furnishing to be used to create a stunning look and feel to your home.

This provides you and your loved ones with a personal emotional tie to the finished look and feel.

Why settle for dissatisfaction, when you can have 100% satisfaction?

It is not impossible or difficult to achieve. The solution is simple: enroll in Your Unique Home Design Personality course for a few hours each week, in the privacy of your own home. Then confidently provide your chosen interior designer / architect / painter or kitchen designer with a clear brief. Or, if DIY – then use it as a compass to guide you!

With either option – the final result is beyond your known reality –  as only 24.6% of homeowners worldwide have ever achieved a 100% match between the look and feel of the space and their “inner you.” Learn more here about the course, or read below how Team Cope makes it happen for you.

Our Core Values

My mission is to enable YOU to create a special place that doesn’t just make you feel happy but also creates a sense of calm and completeness.

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We can't do it alone!


We are a strong family-orientated business that wants to share our passion, skills and lessons learnt in designing and building 70+ residential homes over the years, with you. i.e. Our take on the 3 most important factors you should consider when buying a house: ‘Location, location, location’, is this motto: “Prepare, prepare, prepare before starting ANY home improvement project!”

Home Insulation by Kristina
About - Kristina
About - Kristina

Creating Design Clarity Instructor

Kristina Cope

I have spent a lifetime of living and breathing design, style, and space throughout New Zealand and the world.


For my entire life, I have been immersed in the world of architectural design, style, and colour psychology through the huge influence of my father John Austin (part creator of JASMAX Architectural firm), and Kay Austin (creator of fashion label ‘Kay Austin Design’ and ‘Cotton Wool Company’).


I have personally built and renovated a number of houses and rental properties for myself, and my extended family.


Throughout my career, it has become obvious to me that my professional colleagues (architects, interior designers, paint consultants, etc) are time constrained at the beginning of the design process for a number of reasons. This can leave people not clear on what they truly want and can cause a ripple effect that can end with almost 76% of all homemakers not being in love with their new space.


This is why I created The Austin Home Design Method®. This process will help you to better understand yourself, and enable you to clearly express your design style to any 3rd-party you are looking to work with. Their skills are important in helping you to create an amazing design, but it is equally important to be able to express yourself!


Many architects and interior designers refer their clients to my service prior to them starting the actual design of their client’s project. This provides a more satisfying long-term result for you as the person living and dwelling in the home to ensure you enjoy your finished space for years to come…


I encourage you to guarantee your satisfaction, and create a home transformation that you will love in your home no matter where you live in the world… either as a DIY renovation project or, the handover of your clearly defined colour personality and design style to an architect and interior design service for them to build on your core style, and create a space that truly reflects you!


Simply choose Your Unique Home Design Personality course by clicking here. I look forward to helping you soon!


Warm regards, Kristina Cope BArch, Dip Int Design

Izzy Cope

Creative Designer

Izzy Cope

As Kristina’s daughter, Izzy has the artistic gene in her DNA and provides input into all things creative(Izzy also teaches undergrad students at ATC/NZSE.)

Simon Cope

Marketing Manager

Simon Cope

Simon oversees the marketing of Creating Design Clarity. (He also teaches undergrad and postgrad business students at Massey University.) He is Kristina’s righthand man when it comes to DIY!

Zoe Cope

Social Media Manager

Zoë Cope

Zoë keeps all of our social media channels full of interesting and useful info for you to enjoy and use. She can also put on a mean party! (She is currently at AUT University, becoming a primary school teacher.)

Sam Cope

Builder/Project Manager/Consultant

Sam Cope Jnr

Sam is a primary school teacher who has been a builder for 50+ years and is still very active with projects that Kristina creates… and then he and Simon built it. “Yes, we can!”

Onyx Cope

Chief Morale Officer

Onyx Cope

Onyx ensures both you and us have unconditional love 24/7. She can detect when it’s time to lift your spirits and as far as she’s concerned .. any ball is a good ball!
You in 10 weeks


You in ~10 weeks

Previous students are passionate supporters and advocates for one main reason – they receive an ongoing feeling of joy and happiness from their homes. They love to help you get similar results. Learn how here.