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About Me

Hello, I'm Kristina

I unlock your unique colour psychology profile and design style. This enables you to confidently engage with architects and interior designers or DIY your home renovation or house construction to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the end result…

By confidently knowing your unique design style and colour personality, BEFORE starting your renovation or complete house-build, you effectively STOP the feeling of dissatisfaction that 42.3% of home renovators (using a professional or DIY) in New Zealand & globally experience…

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Always searching for new inspiration.

Places That Make Us’ is a report which was commissioned by the United Kingdom’s National Trust (NT) and conducted by Surrey University’s researchers. Dr Andy Myers, one of the consultants on the research, weighed in on the findings by saying, “For the first time we have been able to prove the physical and emotional benefits of place, far beyond any research that has been done before.

With meaningful places generating a significant response in areas of the brain known to process emotion, it’s exciting to understand how deep-rooted this connection truly is.”

Are you looking for a happy place at home?

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Who Else Would Like To Have 100% Satisfaction After Your Renovation or Room-Makeover was Completed?

Imagine if it were possible…

Envision how you will feel every time you walk into your home, and feel completely content and relaxed the stress of the day falling off like a heavy coat hitting the floor… you are completely at ease with your new-look room. Does that feel good?

From recent extensive research, I found:

    • * 60% of New Zealanders knew they would be renovating, redecorating or redesigning when they first purchased their home. 
    • * 89% of NZers will be sharing that renovated space with significant others.
    • * 80% of them involved others [architect/interior designer] in their choices (style & function, creating cosy spaces, room layouts & planning the space, colour choices).

Unfortunately,  only 32% had confidence in their involvement in the process, and 45% were neutral

Regrettably, a staggering 42% felt completely unsatisfied with the end result, and only 24% felt the finished project was a true reflection of themselves. Only 19% of those who completed the design would do it again (this included people who used an architect or interior designer or DIY). 

Believe it or not – all of Creating Design Clarity clients have achieved a 100% level of satisfaction. You can as well, and beat those terrible odds. 

It is not impossible or difficult to achieve. The solution is simple: use the ‘Creating Design Clarity Toolbox®’ for a few hours each week, in the privacy of your own home, and then confidently provide your chosen interior designer / architect / painter or kitchen designer with a clear brief.

This instantly saves them from cutting corners or overpowering your unique style & personality.

More importantly, it enables them to assuredly allow their design / artistic flair to flourish, to tap into their up-to-date knowledge of materials and furnishing to be used to create a stunning look and feel to your home.

This provides you and your loved ones with a personal emotional tie to the finished look and feel.

Why settle for dissatisfaction, when you can have 100% satisfaction? 

Learn more below…

Our Core Values

My mission is to enable YOU to create a special place – that doesn’t just make you feel happy, but create a sense of calm & completeness.

Creating Design Clarity supports architects, interior designers and DIY renovators by providing their clients with confidence and understanding of their unique design style and colour psychology.

“We recently redecorated our home recently and did the work ourselves. While we are not completely dissatisfied with the result, ‘something is not quite right’. We wish we had consulted with Kristina at Creating Design Clarity more extensively in the early stages of the process. We never want to feel as if ‘something just isn’t right’ again after spending so much money on the renovation.” 

So who are am, And why should you care?

I have spent a lifetime of living and breathing design, style and space in a
New Zealand and southern hemisphere context

My name is Kristina Cope, I am a registered Architect (BArch, Auckland University), and a qualified Interior Designer (DipInt Design, Sydney), I am based in Auckland, New Zealand.

For my entire life, I have been immersed in the world of architectural design, style and colour psychology through the huge influence of my father John Austin (part creator of JASMAX Architectural firm) and Kay Austin (creator of fashion label ‘Kay Austin Design’ and ‘Cotton Wool Company’).

For 35+ years I have designed, built, and owned wonderful spaces for people to live and dwell in;- from the entire house to the renovation of their bathroom, kitchen and outdoor spaces, thru to their lounge, rumpus and every nook and cranny in between!

In addition, I have personally built and renovated a number of houses and rental properties for myself, and my extended family.

It has become obvious to me that my professional colleagues (architects, interior designers, paint consultants etc) are time constrained at the beginning of the design process for a number of reasons. This can cause a ripple effect that can end with 42.3% of all homeowners being deeply unsatisfied.

When researching DIY renovators, I found they were either naturally design style-savvy, or, willing and able, but not aware of their personal design style or colour personality…

My creating design clarity process is 100% complimentary and does not compete with the natural design flair, and skills of a professional interior designer/architect you may want to engage with.  In fact, it enhances their skills and brings out your style and design personality in their overall finished project.

Architects and interior designers refer their clients to my service prior to them starting the actual design of their client’s project. This provides a more satisfying long-term result for you as the person living and dwelling in the home to ensure you enjoy your finished space for years to come…

I encourage you to “guarantee satisfaction“, and a successful transformation of a room or outdoor space in your home in NZ or Australia, either as a DIY renovation project or, the handover of your clearly defined colour personality and design style brief to an architect and interior design service in Auckland, NZ or anywhere in Australasia, for them to ‘scaffold off it’ to create a space that truly reflects you!

Simply choose my Creating Design Clarity Toolbox® course by clicking here, or scrolling down the page. I look forward to helping you soon!

Warm regards, Kristina Cope BArch, Dip Int Design

P.S. If you want to learn more click here to read my interior design blog,  or contact me. Either way, I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

P.P.S. Think of my Creating Design Clarity Toolbox® as a cost-effective ‘insurance policy’ that can be used over and over again, with no renewal fees, no small print, and it always pays out!

P.P.P.S. Maybe you are just about to start your renovation – then use these 3 Essential Preparation Steps + Budget Sheet to help you. 

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Your next step

Ready to find your unique design style & colour psychology profile?

Here’s how it works:

You select the course below. I am waiting there on the other side to mentor you via a mix of videos, worksheets, cheat sheets, how-to guides & weekly group Q&A brainstorming sessions (it’s lots of fun).   If for any reason you are not completely satisfied just tell us within 90 days and we’ll refund the full amount. 



Your Ultimate Design Brief Course

Who Else Wants To LOVE Their Next Room Makeover?  Even if you use a professional designer (architect, interior designer, kitchen designer, etc) only 24.6% of homeowners will love the finished project.

Set yourself up to avoid being disappointed by a room makeover that technically looks great, but does not give YOU long-term satisfaction. Avoid costly rework that plagues all renovations to the tune of 12.4% to 29.6% of the overall budget.

Enrol in my interior design ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ course to 100% prep you and unlock your unique design personality. Then give a copy to your chosen designer for them to do their magic – confidently knowing what suits you perfectly.



Understand YOU & Your Home is the Key To DIY Success

DIY Renovator? I will not teach you how to style like a pro – there are many resources online that can do that (or you may already have that flair). However, I can give you an even better ‘skill’.

I can ensure every one of your future DIY renovations will resonate with you as they have never done before.

After completing this course you will have unlocked your unique design personality – instantly allowing you to quickly make decisions about colours, textures, patterns, styles, etc that intimately ‘match’ with you & your loved ones within your home. Any room – every future project.