Why Are We Giving 5% of The Purchase Price
of our Interior Design Courses to Charity?

You and I are fortunate – we have a roof over our heads, and we have the awesome opportunity and financial ability to create for ourselves a cozy home, and update those rooms with style! 

Sadly, many people don’t have their own house or don’t even have a permanent roof over their heads.

Purchase a Creating Design Clarity course to help you, immediately helps others have a roof over their head. WIN-WIN-WIN
Unfortunately, this was a typical home we saw daily in rural Philippines.

This really struck home with my family and me when we were in the Philippines for a holiday back in 2013. That kickstarted a strong desire for my husband and me to help others not only overseas but also in New Zealand and we have been doing that personally now for many years since.

Jump forward to 2021 and the launch of Creating Design Clarity. We wanted to start this new business with a charitable component built into it from day one. 

To us, (and hopefully you), it became obvious that helping the poor in NZ & Australia is the place to start, as the whole of society suffers from children living in a damp, cold environment. It burdens the health system, they miss school and drop behind in education, and can’t get high paying jobs to break the poverty cycle… and so it repeats…

By you purchasing a Creating Design Clarity course you get to help provide much needed shelter and warmth for others
The sorry situation in NZ & Australia is we have homeless people. You can help us to help them.

If you want more in-depth facts on the state of the NZ housing situation, then I highly recommend you look up Statistics NZ figures here.

Our charity donation system is as simple as possible. After you order a Creating Design Clarity Interior Design course, we immediately deduct 5% from the sale price. 

Charities We Are Donating 5% of the Purchased Price to:

Can you please help us achieve our goal of helping these charities by purchasing our interior design course by simply clicking here now, plus create a win for you, and a win for the homeless person who receives this generous gift. Thank you!

FAQ’s About Our Charity Giving When You Purchase An Interior Design Course

Q: Can I Select Which Charity Out of The Ones Above My Donation Goes To?

A: Absolutely! Simply send us a message via our Contact form on our website and say which charity out of the 3 above you want your donation to go to.   Select the Ultimate Design Brief course now.

Q: Why Australia? I Thought You Were An NZ Business?

A: Yes we are 100% a Kiwi business, however, a good percentage of our clients also come from Australia. In fact, whichever country our client is from, we will give 5% back to a charity in that country that helps the local people with affordable housing. Click here to choose the course now and make a difference today. Thank you in advance from them.

Q: Can I Donate More Than The Sale Price To The Charity? 

A: Absolutely. However, it is more complicated for us to do this using a website as we don’t know how much you want to contribute and this becomes tricky with the website. However, we recommend you click below to donate directly to:

You can also have a look at their website to learn exactly what their mission is, the standing of that charity in the market place etc. 

Q: Why 5%? I Thought You Are Meant to Tithe 10%?

A: Usually when a business or a person talks about giving 10% to a charity, they are talking about 10% of net profit. However, in this situation, I am talking about 5% of income. (A huge difference).  i.e. 5% of what you pay, vs 5% of the net profit on that sale after ALL expenses have been deducted. 🙂 Ready to enrol? Click here.