World's Best Home Makeover, Renovation, or Build-From-Scratch Plan

Our goals are to help homeowners avoid losing up to 29.6% of the hard-earned money you have set aside for your upcoming home improvement project on rework… For example:

  • * Your New Kitchen: $14,800 to $35,520 lost!
  • * Your New Bathroom: $4,440 to $9,472 lost!
  • * Your Lounge/Living Room Makeover: $5,920 to $13,320 lost!

And, to enable you to confidently and clearly communicate your needs and wants with any 3rd party (design professional / tradesperson / supplier, etc), without anxiety, and stress. Plus, we ensure you join the 24.6% of homeowners that have ongoing happiness and love for their finished project.  These are 3 big promises – they make or break your immediate and long-term enjoyment of your home. 

We can promise this by providing you with a fool-proof 5-Pillar programme within the ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ course.  We guide you over a 9 week period as you learn and document your ‘design personality’ in a fun and enjoyable environment. You then use this extremely valuable document to guide you like a compass

The Process is as follows:

  • * Step 1: Join the waitlist for our next ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ course. (February, June and October)
  • * Step 2: In your own time each week, enjoy the mix of videos, workbook + live coaching sessions with me & fellow homeowners as you learn your design personality and document it clearly and succinctly. 
  • * Step 3: Congratulate yourself for documenting your design personality and now being a ‘Fearless & Happy Homeowner‘® 
  • * Step 4:  Start your home improvement project confidentially with minimal stress – either DIY or with a design professional.  
  • * Step 5: Bask in the ongoing joy and happiness you receive from the finished result. 

You have from the day the course STARTS until the END of the course date (the course is open for ~60 days (9 weeks)) to decide whether you are 100% satisfied. At any time within that period, you can get a 100% refund.

i.e. We provide a no questions, 60-day money-back guarantee.  Simply tell us you are not happy within that time and we will gladly refund your money, shake hands and part as friends. OK? To learn more about this interior design course, click here.

What A Successful Home Renovation, Room Makeover, Home Improvement Project Looks Like

The outcome for you after doing ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ is manyfold:

  • * You join the 24.6% of homeowners who LOVE their home improvement project for years to come.
  • * You will have increased and ongoing happiness every time you walk into the finished space you, or your design professional, designed.
  • * You and your partner will know and understand each other better.
  • * You will be more confident, less anxious and less stressed when you are “neck-deep” in the project!
  • *You will be able to tackle your subsequent renovation project(s) with the same outcome – with no need for additional investment in the course again! 

If this sounds like the positive and happy outcome you would like to have during and after finishing your next renovation, then I encourage you to join the waiting list for our next ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ course intake

Got questions? Please ask here, or read our FAQs.