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Transform Your Empty Nest into a Personal Haven: Robyn and Joy’s Encouragement

Transform Your Empty Nest into a Personal Haven: Robyn and Joy’s Encouragement

Dear Empty Nesters,

Are you feeling the echoes of an empty nest and contemplating a change in your home? Robyn Pringle and Joy Piper separately have a heartfelt message for you – one that speaks to the rewards, the joy, and the sanctuary that awaits when you take the plunge into creating a space that's uniquely yours.


A Haven Awaits: Finding Peace in Your Home

As women in their late 70s, they understand the desire for a haven, a retreat from the chaos outside. 100% independently of each other, Robyn and Joy embarked on separate journeys to turn their respective family homes into sanctuaries that bring peace and joy every day now their children have left home.


Overcoming Overwhelm: Tailoring Your Space to You

Empty nesters often find themselves overwhelmed with choices and styles.

Robyn and Joy encourage you to see this as an opportunity rather than a challenge – an opportunity to makeover your home so it 100% resonates with your tastes and preferences.


The Power of Design Personality: A Revelation for You

Discovering your unique design personality is a game-changer. “Learn your Unique Home Design Personality,” urges Robyn. It's not just about trends or quizzes; it's about understanding yourself and your partner on a deeper level.


Invest in Your Wellbeing: The Rewards Are Immeasurable

Imagine a home where every room brings you joy and comfort. Joy Piper emphasizes, “I guarantee you will pay back your investment in yourself.”  The rewards extend far beyond aesthetics – it's about your mental well-being, reduced stress, and an ongoing sense of satisfaction.


Confidence in Choices: Making Every Decision Count

By learning your design personality, you gain confidence in making decisions that truly reflect your style. It's not just about the finished result; it's about enjoying the journey, stress-free.


Empowering You: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Most people in their late 60's are happy to get others to do the actual painting and assembly of cabinets, etc. For those who love the hands-on approach, Robyn and Joy show that DIY doesn’t have to be daunting. Armed with your design personality, every project becomes an opportunity to express your uniqueness.


A Testament to Success: Robyn and Joy’s Stories

Robyn and Joy have successfully transformed their spaces.


For Robyn and her partner, they initially started with their kitchen and living room. They used their chosen local interior designer to take their design personality and creativity and express that in the living room. Secondly, they went to a kitchen designer and once again provided them with a copy of their design personality. Once again they were thrilled with the finished result (and are still thrilled 5+ years later when I last spoke to them about it). 


They then tackled their ensuite bathroom and transformed one of the children's bedrooms into a ‘She-Shed' for Robyn's hobby room.  This time they used a painter, but her partner did all of the manual labouring.  


For Joy, she focused solely on her kitchen where she loves to cook and spend time in. “It must have been originally designed by a man [who never cooked]!” and so she engaged a kitchen design professional to transform the space.  


Their stories are a testament to the incredible rewards of a home tailored to your tastes – a home that truly reflects you.


Your Unique Home Design Personality: Your Secret Weapon

Robyn and Joy encourage you to embrace the Creating Design Clarity Toolbox®. “The first step is to learn the 3 essential prep steps,” says Joy. Your unique design personality is your secret weapon for a home that brings ongoing joy.


Closing Words of Encouragement

As fellow empty nesters, we stand united in encouraging you to embark on this transformative journey. Your home is more than just a space – it's your haven, your sanctuary. Learn your unique design personality, make informed decisions, and watch as your home becomes a reflection of the peace and joy you deserve.


Here’s to your personalised sanctuary!