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Who Else Wants To Join The 24.6% Of Homeowners That LOVE Their Home After A Renovation?

Unfortunately, 42.3% of homeowners who engage with an interior designer architectural service (or DIY) in NZ or Australia, will say, “something is seriously missing here” at the end of the renovation process

In addition, renovation projects of any size waste between 12.4% to 29.6% of the overall makeover cost (aka budget blowout) as embarrassing rework. Don’t let that be you!

What you are about to read is a remarkably simple idea that can be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to you. It is a tested idea. Others are using it every day and now… it’s your turn!

In the first part of my creating design clarity material, I’m going to give you “battle-tested” strategies from the frontlines that will help you make design decisions quickly & decisively.

Most are quick, easy and painless to implement… a few take a little more effort. But they all…

Just Flat Out Work!

They are “go-to” strategies that unfortunately an extremely small number of people are aware of in New Zealand & the world

Then, in the second part of this course, I’m going to reveal strategies for bringing together all of your choices and ensuring you are not one of the 76.3% who finishes a major renovation and says “something just isn’t right”, including… one of my secret interior design weapons. It’s a secret weapon I rarely talk about, but many have witnessed firsthand.

I “guarantee satisfaction”, and encourage you to a successful transformation … of a room or outdoor space in your home. Either as a DIY project or, give a copy of your clearly defined colour personality and design style brief to an architect and interior design service in Auckland or worldwide for them to quickly create an awesome space that truly reflects you!

Simply click below to enrol in Your Ultimate Design Brief from my Creating Design Clarity Toolbox® Course.   

Warm regards,

Kristina Cope – BArch, Dip Int Design & Renovator!

P.S. I look forward to helping you soon have success with your renovation dreams!

P.P.S. This interior design course is perfect for the dedicated DIYer, or the homeowner using a professional designer. 

Online COURSE: Your Ultimate Design Brief

Ensure You LOVE Every Future Renovation

Learn quickly in a fun environment, what is your unique interior design personality. Use this comprehensive Your Ultimate Design Brief as a ‘compass’ to guide you in all future projects – from big to small.  Using a professional designer/architect – perfect! Or you are a dedicated DIY’er? – perfect! Guarantee future success.

Dr Ameli Anton

"It was brilliant and I cannot recommend her enough!"

“Working with Kristina has been rewarding. Her ability to genuinely listen, absorb the advice given, mould it and combine it with the vast wealth of knowledge and experience in her field has been impressive to witness. These skills are a clear reflection of her professionalism and talent as an Architect and Interior Designer. She has a level of creativity and intuitiveness that clearly allow her to understand what her clients want and need. During one of our sessions, she walked me through a process she has developed for her business. I was gladly surprised to find myself on the other side, identifying my own home designing style and having a clear idea of what I really wanted. It was brilliant and I cannot recommend her enough!”

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  • * the course guarantees satisfaction,
  • * that it will be fun, and you can
  • * use your ‘Ultimate (and very personal) Design Brief’ over and over again with every future renovation, a room makeover or outdoor area, and,
  • * you are guaranteed a place on the course (participant numbers are limited). Click here to enrol. 
Helen Curry

"The positive outcome we achieved was due to the clarity she brought to create a confident look and feel for our home."

“Kristina was a great help with professionally guiding our decisions and the positive outcome we achieved was due to the clarity she brought to create a confident look and feel for our home.”