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New Design Brief Service Does All

the Groundwork Helps You Create 

Ridiculously Happy Clients – Even

If You Already Achieving This Now!

Introducing Creating Design Clarity… client-generated, comprehensive design brief/master plan process that clearly defines in black and white their (& their household members) personal design styles and colour preferences using the exact same proven formulas a few famous architects & designers use, making it easy for you to instantly step into the design process without an indecisive, confused, or uncertain client, that turbocharges your design process…

Imagine what it would be like to…

Stop wasting your precious time every time a prospective client approaches you; not knowing if there is a match between your design signature style and them…

Let us do all the exploratory hard yards helping your prospective client clearly understand their personal needs, wants and desires… and then hand that to you on a silver tray…

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

That’s why you’re going to love Creating Design Clarity.

Who Else Wants A Client Who Can Quickly Make Decisions When You Present Your Design To Them? 

Unfortunately, only 24.6% of people who used a professional designer feel that the finished project is a true reflection of themselves. By using Creating Design Clarity’s services your client joins the 75.4% who loved the process and the finished outcome!

Who Else Wants To Get The Same Fee For Working With Your Client Without The Extra Overhead Of Exploratory Work?

You don’t need to reduce your design fee because your client worked with us prior. The time they spend working on their design brief/master plan is approx 5x the usual time invested by a professional designer developing a design brief. You get all the benefits and none of the downsides. 

With Creating Design Clarity Toolbox®, your client comprehensively explores all that is entailed in an ultimate design brief – understanding their needs, wants & desires that we were taught at architectural school and interior design school, along with integrating the latest findings from the multiple research findings I have been immersed in for 20+ years now.

I graduated from Auckland University and later registered as an architect, then went on to qualify as an Interior Designer (Sydney Interior Design School). Running my own businesses for many years also contracted to design and work in a fast-moving kitchen design company for 5+ years.  I did my time working for Freedom Furniture as part of their Window Treatment team to gain experience in that line of work as well. I have recently completed Colour Psychology For Interiors indepth course in early 2020 (UK based Interior Design School). Over the years between my husband (electrician & builder) and his father (builder & plumber) we have built over 70+ houses and renovated many in between. I understand homeowners & I understand professionals like you. I want to help all of us get the most out of our respective services. 

Creating Design Clarity Toolbox Prepares A Client 

No Matter What You’re Designing!

Creating Clarity Toolbox works for all residential jobs in every niche… Even if… You specialise in kitchen design, or living room makeovers, or bathroom renovations, or complete home build from scratch!

If you can refer & trust me as a fellow colleague,

then as a result you can get back a client 110%

ready and excited to work with you!

Creating Design Clarity is incredibly easy to use, even if you already have a process in place to explore your clients personal colour, design and style preferences – we simply make it even easier for you!.

Create ecstatic clients with just 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Refer your client to us. We act as an extension of your business. No conflict of interest, no hidden agenda.

STEP 2: We upskill them in the entire design brief/master plan process. Our process includes vision boards, mood boards, colour psychology profiles, personal styles, needs, wants and desires etc, and so much more.

STEP 3: We hand them back to you ready to go! You can now incorporate their needs, wants and desires into your design, and move through the decision making process easier.

You send your client to us, we develop a working design brief, and return them to you ready for you to do your magic with them.

WITH Creating Design Clarity, YOU’LL GET:

But that’s not all…

Try Creating Design Clarity, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Let’s arrange a quick Zoom call to show you the process and materials… I know our time is valuable so it wouldn’t be a sales meeting, but functional and to the point.

Creating Design Clarity


I have done extensive research and found 42.3% of people who engage with an architect or interior/kitchen designer are unsatisfied with the overall job. My unique service focuses on getting the client to clearly understand their colour, style, and design preferences. This saves you many hours of exploratory work with them and enables you to focus on your unique skillset – design flair and using the latest techniques/materials/fabrics/patterns/colour palettes that complement their clearly defined personal preferences. Decision making is sped up, and projects run smoother!

Creating Design Clarity Toolbox®

For you, there is absolutely no cost – unless you want to absorb our fee. Otherwise, the client pays us directly for the preliminary design brief/master plan.

Simply refer your client to us, we will work with them to create their design brief/master plan and send them back to you ready for you to design, recommend, and create their dream vision before their eyes.

Use Creating Design Clarity Today. Learn more by contacting me.

GET Creating Design Clarity NOW 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE

 If you’re not completely satisfied with the professional design brief/master plan we provide your client then we simply shake hands and walk away as colleagues – no contracts, backhanders or unprofessional behaviour.