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The Power of Your Unique Home Design Personality – A Testimonial Story

Unleashing the Power of Your Unique Home Design Personality: A Testimonial Story

Robyn Pringle, a proud homeowner and DIY enthusiast shares her journey of transforming her family home into a haven of personal style and comfort. In this engaging how-to article, discover the key steps Robyn took to unveil her unique design personality and turn her home improvement dreams into a reality.


Step 1: Recognising the Need for Change

Robyn and her husband, both accustomed to the world of DIY, felt the desire to update their family home after their children had moved out. However, Robyn found herself stuck, unsure of how to integrate her cherished furniture pieces and accessories from her childhood into a cohesive design.


Step 2: Overcoming Overwhelm

Overwhelmed by the plethora of choices and styles in magazines and online resources, Robyn sought a solution that went beyond generic quizzes and trends. This is when she learned about the Your Unique Home Design Personality course.


Step 3: Learning the True Meaning of Design Personality

Sceptical at first, Robyn quickly realized that this was not just another frivolous quiz. Guided by Kristina, the course helped her delve into her colour psychology profile and clearly document her design preferences. She then worked out her partner's design personality (2-for-1 deal) and it all ‘fell into place'.


It was a revelation – Robyn gained a deep understanding of what truly resonated with her and her partner in terms of colour and style, and they were ready to make clear, confident and long-lasting decisions.


Step 4: Empowering Design Professionals

Armed with their documented blended home design personality, Robyn confidently approached local interior designers for her lounge and kitchen projects. The professionals were amazed at the clarity and specificity of Robyn's preferences, making their jobs smoother and more aligned with her vision; Less stress and anxiety for Robyn, and no humiliating rework which typically results in budget blowouts, and friction between the design professional(s), builders and homeowners. 


Step 5: DIY with Confidence

In the cases of her ensuite and hobby room (‘She Shed'), Robyn and her husband took charge, DIY-ing the projects themselves. The key? They continued to follow the principles laid out by their respective design personalities, ensuring a consistent and personalised touch.


Step 6: Embracing Confidence and Authenticity

The result? A home that exudes warmth, cosiness, and authenticity. By sidestepping distracting trends and styles, Robyn and her husband have created a space that truly reflects them. The process not only brought refreshing confidence but also eliminated the stress of decision-making and provided fast and effective payback.


Step 7: Recommending Your Unique Home Design Personality

Robyn concludes her testimonial by highly recommending others to embark on the journey of discovering their unique design personality before diving into any home improvement project. It's a one-time investment that pays off in confidence, satisfaction, and a home that feels like a true sanctuary.


In conclusion, Robyn's story highlights the transformative power of understanding and embracing your unique design personality. Whether working with professionals or taking the DIY route, this approach ensures a home that not only looks great but also feels uniquely yours.