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As a qualified architect & interior designer; builder & renovator of many houses (personally), I am sick and tired of homeowners not being happy with their home improvement project. I found out why:

Grab one of these cheat sheets or checklists below – each suited for your upcoming project; – whether it is a complete new build, outdoor living project, or renovation of your bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen or den (aka ‘your personal space’) – whether that is your office, sewing room or man cave

Leith - DIY or Die!
Leith - DIY or Die!

" partner and I can definitely see a way forward together with this major renovation."

“My partner and I had just purchased a do up house for us to live in. We had previously flipped a house, but this one is much more work, and we can see ourselves being here for quite a few years (Govt regulations withstanding).

We ripped into the project. However we found that we were at odds with each other on where to place the new kitchen – should we move the door, put in a window etc.

Our problem was no master plan or design brief that documented what we wanted to do – before swinging the sledgehammer!

Next upcoming issue was colour palettes and materials. At this point, we stopped the process temporarily and engaged with Kristina’s Creating Design Clarity Ultimate Design Brief course. She got us both to do some exercises that got us thinking about our preferences. What she called my design personality.

The results were really pleasing – my partner and I can definitely see a way forward together with this major renovation. We have similar taste, it makes me feel more comfortable to discuss these choices with her and not assume that she is going to choose some wacky colour.

Although this probably speaks more about me! Also what she chooses I can be confident that I should like it even if I cannot quite picture it myself, and visa versa, maybe.

Kristina has put a lot of effort into the various parts of this course, and it is well done. I also think that some people won’t quite know the value until they go through the process, and so I encourage you to do the course and see the results for yourself. Take the leap! You will be very pleased with the outcome.”

"I recommend all my customers use Kristina's design clarity service before I start any large project with them."

“As a painter, I pride myself on doing great work. Working with Kristina’s clients is easy. They know what they want. No changing of colours midway through a job.  I don’t waste my or their time which I end up having to charge them for. I recommend all my customers use Kristina’s design clarity service before I start any large project with them.”

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