Kristina Cope

Qualified Architect, Interior Designer and Kitchen Designer. I ensure homeowners who are about to start a renovation / room makeover love the finished project & avoid expensive rework by them completing my easy to follow Ultimate Design Brief Course.

  • Where does Your Ultimate Design Brief fit into my upcoming renovation or new home build?

    Right at the beginning! 

    When you create your home with love, you get clear on what home means for you and what your vision of your future home might look like.

    It is important to understand why you’re creating these new spaces or building your home in the first place.

    It is crucial to get informed and guided so you can be an active collaborator in making your

    dream room or house happen. Creating a home with (personal – not someone else’s) passion is what turns a house into a home.

    Remodelling or building a new home can be on a homeowner’s mind for two or more years. During this time, they will work on their renovation or new build, and gather inspiration and ideas. Unless you have a clear idea of your first steps or specific knowledge about where you live and what you plan to do, that time could be wasted. 

    You can benefit from guidance from someone who’s done this before. Taking this step will help you manage your risk, get the guidance you need through tricky bits, and produce your Ultimate Design Brief ready to get going. You can do this. You don’t have to do it alone.

    In fact, why would you? When a room makeover has this much significance, meaning, and impact;

    • * The room can affect your mood every time you walk into that space;
      • * A finished renovation has the power to energise, relax or make you feel physically ill.
    • * A room refresh can waste up to 1/3 of your precious budget on dreaded and embarrassing rework.
    • * A home improvement project can provide you with an increased feeling of happiness (over and above any pay rise or amount of wealth you have accumulated).
    • * Any form of room alteration can make you regret and endlessly say “It looks technically perfect – yet there is something just not right about it…”
      • And frustrate you endlessly – if only you…
      • (a) knew what was annoying you about it, and,
      • (b) you had the budget and expertise to fix it…

    Do you really want to just ‘wing it’?

    Doing your homework in the form of Your Ultimate Design Brief is not only sensible, but it will accelerate your journey and ensure your success – if you get knowledgeable guidance to show you the way. To learn more about Kristina  (your guide), and ‘Team Cope’ click here. To learn more about ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ click here. To get answers click on common FAQs here


  • I’m fairly new to renovations and room makeovers. In fact, I do NOT want to DIY, but want to use a design professional (Architect / Interior Designer / Design & Build Company / Landscape Gardener, etc). Is this going to be too advanced for me?

    Doing a course before renovating sounds complicated

    Is taking a specific course before using a design professional to design my upcoming room refresh just a little advanced or unnecessary?

    It truly depends, but it is highly unlikely it will too advanced, complicated or unnecessary… 

    Before I give you a longer answer, the bottomline is this:

    • * The ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ course is not teaching you to be creative.
    • * Nor is it teaching you how to become an interior designer or architect.

    It guides and helps you to write down what you like, dislike, desire, etc. in a strategic manner that then guides your design professional in the right direction from your initial meeting with them, through to the day you part company with them at the project finish.

    You will enjoy the process (I promise). 

    If you want to join the 24.6% of homeowners that have an ongoing love of the finished space, then, you personally, need to put in time upfront prior to discussing your room refresh project.

    Your chosen design professional cannot justify spending 40-50+ hours one-on-one with you learning in-depth about you to make the right decisions 99% of the time. (Nor can you afford to pay them for that time!).

    If you want to know the difference between the often-used design brief in the building/renovation industry, and my Ultimate Design Brief, then click here.

    If you don’t want to waste up to 29.6% of your hard-earned money on unnecessary and embarrassing rework, then it is also worthwhile doing this course.

    The majority of our best students came into our programme just beginning their design personality journey. We’ve also had longtime DIY “veterans” use our program to create a renovation/room makeover that 100% resonates with them long term. Resilience and perseverance are really the only common denominators among all our successful students

    Your Ultimate Design Brief makes NO assumptions about your current understanding as it relates to knowing your design personality. 90% of homeowners that do the course have zero understanding of their design personality. That’s why we completely map out the entire process of what is in our course. It’s a combination of both strategy and mindset training that will help you move forward. 

    Whether you’re somewhat new to the design world or you’ve been at this a while, the difference-maker will ALWAYS be your willingness to stay the course, trust the process, and ask the questions needed to move you forward with confidence.

    That being said, if you are embarking on a renovation project for the first time or have been through a room makeover before, this is the best way to ensure you can hit the ground running. Your Ultimate Design Brief will guide you through the entire process to achieve a completed, fully comprehensive design brief ready for handover to a design professional, or to proceed to the stage where you start designing as a DIYer. 

    Don’t worry that this is a “course”, and you haven’t been to school, polytech or university for a long time! It is not an arduous thing to learn; like advanced physics or calculus (which would definitely stretch my brain capacity to its limits!)

    This is a fun and enjoyable course all about YOU. To learn more about the details of this fun adventure that is not too advanced, dry or boring (like school was some days), then click here.  


  • Are you ready to take a leap of faith with your next home renovation project?

    How to make a renovation successful

    Maybe you’ve seen friends take a leap of faith in starting their own business, or deciding they can lose weight, etc.?

    You probably also know someone who does that every time they start a DIY project around their home?

    Doing any form of home renovation / room makeover is potentially scary. Everyone that I have surveyed (over 1200 of them) has expressed feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, or misunderstood when talking to a supplier through to their chosen interior designer or architect. 

    They are completely justified in feeling this way because 75.4% of homeowners do NOT like their finished home improvement project – regardless of whether they DIY or use a design professional. 

    In fact, this same 75.4 % could realistically say it is impossible to change “the odds” to guarantee you join the 24.6% who not only avoid being stressed, anxious and overwhelmed with all decisions they need to make, but are cool, calm and confident throughout the process… and as a bonus, minimize the villain called “budget blowout” that eats up to 29.6% of your hard-earned savings through rework.

    However, to get ahead, you need to take a leap of faith to prove that the impossible is POSSIBLE – beating these horrible odds and investing in yourself. 

    Now, before you freak out and think this is some intensely emotional ‘walk across hot coals’ life-transforming process (aka cue Tony Robbins to the stage), let me explain what it is and isn’t! OK?

    The key to taking a leap of faith is that it is 100% all about you, personally. You need to have done your homework prior to ensure that whatever you are leaping into –  will work! 

    Having created many successful businesses over the years with my husband Simon, we do a lot of research prior to ensure there is a need in the marketplace for whatever it is we are doing… Otherwise, you and I are going to waste a lot of time and money! (And if you are like me – you are not interested in that option!)

    With Creating Design Clarity, we have done the research, and there is a big need for our service; only 24.6% of homeowners love and are happy with their finished home renovation / room makeover (regardless of whether they used a professional designer or 100% DIY).

    The Creating Design Clarity leap of faith comes from trusting and believing that:

    • *Your opinions, personality, and preferences are worth documenting and referring back to (like a compass) for the soon-to-be made-over space. 
    • * If you are already “creative” or have successfully completed many DIY building projects on a budget before, you can make the results even better than before. i.e., you can be more happier with the finished project-and this feeling of happiness will last longer (and may never stop)!  
    • * The current process used by professional designers to “learn about you” (what the industry calls a “design brief”) prior to designing a space for you is woefully inadequate.
    • * My process will guarantee you will join the elite 24.6% of homeowners who have ongoing love and affection for their finished project. (Hence why there are 49% to 75.4% of homeowners who dislike having to “put up with” the finished project until they can afford to fix it). 
    • * It is worthwhile putting aside 3-4 hours every week over 6-9 weeks to clearly document your design personality via my Creating Design Clarity Toolbox® process, before starting your room makeover project.
    • * You know that “good things come to those who wait” (to do this upfront homework for decades of reward forever after).
    • * You can reuse the knowledge over and over again—like an insurance policy that keeps paying out over and over again—but with no further premium payments (yeah!)
    • * Watching a mix of online videos, attending supportive live Q&A brainstorming sessions, doing some reflective homework, and (definitely) having fun creating your first Obsession Creation Board®, Blueprint Intention Planning Board®, and Dream Concept Board® will enable you to know your design personality.
    • * You will minimize the dreaded “budget blowout” that eats 29.6% of your project costs, and, these savings will pay for your investment in ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’ course fee and put money in your bank account for those extra accessories or an item of furniture you didn’t think you would be able to afford. 🙂
    • * I will honour our 100% money-back guarantee: you put the effort into doing the course, and you have up to the last day to decide if it has done what we promised, or get all of your money back.
    • * You will be more confident, less anxious, less stressed and less susceptible to being overwhelmed

    You will become a Fearless Homeowner! 

    I would love you to take the leap of faith that will provide ongoing joy and increased happiness in your home. Click here and join the waiting list for my next upcoming Your Ultimate Design Brief course.

    I look forward to meeting you (where ever you are in the world) online and watching you get to know your unique design personality. Go here to find out more. Got a question? Please ask me