Kristina Cope

Qualified Architect, Interior Designer and Kitchen Designer. I ensure homeowners who are about to start a renovation / room makeover love the finished project & avoid expensive rework by them completing my easy to follow Ultimate Design Brief Course.

  • Who It’s For? Who is “right” for Your Ultimate Design Brief, and will this work for me? Who should not enrol in Your Ultimate Design Brief?

    Your Ultimate Design Brief course will teach you how to develop your own sense of what makes you shout out loud, “I bloody love that!”

    You identify and recognise your unique design personality by being asked to do a range of exercises that will extract as much creative information as you need to produce a 

    high-quality design brief. In this process, your needs and wants will be expressed to provide an outstanding end result.

    Your Ultimate Design Brief can be used effectively, without any embarrassment, as a communicative means to begin the design process using your own beliefs, passion, and desires. 

    Even though Your Ultimate Design Brief does not cover how to design a space, it does encourage you to partner with a design professional to increase your chances of exceeding your own expectations, and no doubt those of your designer, as the amount of information you have prepared for the FIRST meeting will be outstanding. (That being said, if you already have successful creative DIY projects you have done prior, then you don’t need to work with a design professional – it sounds like you might be a budding one! Your Ultimate Design Brief is then a “compass” to guide you in your DIY journey.)

    An excellent design outcome is made from superb pre-planning, so you have effectively set yourself up to succeed, my friend.

    Your Ultimate Design Brief is for you if you want to:

    • * Work with an Architect, Interior Designer (design professional), etc.
      • * You recognise your strengths in other areas.
      • * You have limited experience in DIY / project management, and running a complex design project is not one of them.
      • * You understand that the key to your ongoing enjoyment of the finished space is directly related to your design professional’s understanding of who you are and what you like and dislike.
      • * You want to know how to save time and money when it comes to working with a professional and a tradesperson. 
    • * Plan to DIY your own project.
      • * This pre-planning course will guarantee a clear objective from the get-go.
      • * The value of this work ensures both time and money are well spent as it focuses on what you want to achieve, get a clear outline and what you need to accomplish to have a successful outcome.  
    • * Are wanting to freshen a space, without having to hire a contractor.
      • You are passionate about interior design and architecture, then you will find this a valuable course in discovering and then using your own knowledge in order to restyle existing spaces by moving forward with a clear intention of what needs to be done. 
    • * Are just on the cusp of not yet having a project.
      • * You are highly motivated to learn how to be inspired by your own personality and be THAT person who is super organised and prepared for when the next project idea does come along, then this is definitely the right course for you!
      • * You will learn strategies to grow and nurture the inner design goddess that will make you want to start planning the next home improvement project ahead of schedule!. 

    I hear you ask: Why is this ultimate design brief so important to designers? The answer is that it makes them listen to your needs and wants.

    It clearly identifies your expectations for your relationship together-as in how much of the designer’s input do you want to influence your project?

    The smart professionals use your design brief to translate the problem into a solution—thus creating an excellent result and an outstanding outcome for all concerned. This “solution” is a space that you will have an ongoing love for and brings you happiness – because it is a reflection of everything you love in areas you didn’t know about until you do my course. (Exciting!)

    Your personality is needed to make the newly made-over space “sing”. Your gifts are SO valuable. From never being able to express yourself properly to someone saying “you’re way too dramatic” and everything in between, there is room for you at the design table. Ready to take action, click here?

    Who should NOT enrol in Your Ultimate Design Brief?

    While we welcome everyone who’s ready to learn about their unique design personality into Your Ultimate Design Brief, there are a few foundational milestones that will give you the best chance at success in Your Ultimate Design Brief. 

    We recommend holding off on enrolling in Your Ultimate Design Brief if any of the following describe your current stage of life: 

    • * Your renovation project is about to start “yesterday” i.e. materials have been ordered, you have signed off on exactly what your designer /builder has designed, specified and planned, and you cannot delay the start of the project until after the next Your Ultimate Design Brief course has finished.
    • * You are not willing or unable to wait to start your renovation project until after you have finished the next Your Ultimate Design Brief course.  Put simply, you have to be willing to put in the work upfront to reap the ongoing joy and savings from knowing your unique design personality will give you (See what you learn here).
    • * If you think the course will teach you how to design down to the nuts & bolts level for your upcoming renovation. (It doesn’t. Learn exactly what it does do here). 

    Your Ultimate Design Brief is a proven, in-depth process that takes ~4-9 weeks to complete. Our intention is to create results that you can use immediately after finishing ALL the relevant exercises. You will need to dedicate and commit to a timeline to achieve these results. If this is not possible, then you may want to defer to the next intake. (Put your name down on the waitlist, here.)


  • What is ‘Your Ultimate Design Brief’? (Is it a course to do before starting a residential room makeover?)

    Your Ultimate Design Brief is a 9-week online digital course for homeowners wanting to do a basic refresh of a room through to a renovation (or new build) in their residential home to guarantee ongoing love of the completed project, that is on budget

    This course helps develop your confidence and clarifies your understanding of who you are and what you like so you can step into and be part of the decisions, discussions and design process.

    This is achieved by the homeowner discovering their unique design personality and either sharing this with a design professional or if DIY, using it as a compass to guide them with their design. 

    To determine exactly what your needs are, you must take the time and care to record them. This “record” is what is referred to as a “design brief”.

    Creating a solid clear customised design brief is the homeowner’s very first priority when considering a new project. Your ability to clearly express your overall requirements will determine the long-term success of your project.

    A mismatch between your design personality and the finished project can be devastating. Your Ultimate Design Brief Course helps you avoid any unnecessary rework costs that can add up to 29.6% to your project budget if you are dissatisfied with the final result – which 75.4% of homeowners are. 🙁  

    To know what you will learn in Your Ultimate Design Brief, click here

    Want to know in more detail WHY you should take this online course first, then click here.

    Want to know how long it takes to complete Your Ultimate Design Brief, then read our FAQs

    I am here to answer any questions. Just ask me! 🙂


  • What am I going to learn in Your Ultimate Design Brief Course before I start my next room makeover?

    There’s no way around it: the quality of your preparation is essential to the success of your entire home renovation or specific room improvement project.

    By focusing on this crucially important yet often overlooked the first stage in the design 

    process, you’ll lay the foundation for your entire project, that provides ongoing joy to you for many years.

    Your Ultimate Design Brief will show you exactly how to clearly and concisely document your unique design personality. But, it doesn’t stop there.

    Your Ultimate Design Brief course will also show you what information is important when working with any designer or tradesperson. It gives each student confidence to be involved in design discussions and make the ultimate decisions for their project, large or small.

    This course is, by far, the most comprehensive program for validating, creating, understanding, and questioning the qualities that make you unique. This will include both interior design and architecture.

    By the end of the program you will: 

    * Finally, nail down what you actually like (and dislike) into a document you can share with a design professional to ensure success, or as a DIYer, use it like a “compass” to guide you to success.

    * How to have clarity and confidence in your decision-making processes. A renovation or new build can involve over 15,000 choices, so I’ll be sharing help on how you can access some objectivity and make the right (for you) clear choices.

    * Produce easy-to-follow documents that ensure designers are on board with the complex layers that build a strong design brief, right from the very beginning of your collaboration.

    * Alongside these documents, you will craft “Blueprint Intention Planning”® and “Obsession Creation”® boards that showcase your unique design personality, along with what that entails and how it will affect your project concept. These are visual representations of “you.”

    * Expertly record and publish all of the unique ideas that are meaningful to you—even if you’ve never done a project before, and this seems completely foreign to you.

    * Implement a new way of approaching the most significant and important part of your build or project. Allow the sequence of exercises and information you learn through each module to give you the best possible chance at succeeding in your project. Plus, enable all 3rd-party contractors (design professionals, tradespeople, etc) to immediately understand YOU – saving time and money by knowing what you want.

    * Dramatically cut down on time and money wasted on unnecessary rework that adds anywhere from 12 to 29.6% of your project spent discussing what you ‘might’ like to do with a design professional.

    * Eliminate fluster and stress when the barrage of decisions and questions needs to be answered promptly before being overwhelmed by the next lot that comes at you as your project progresses!

    * Validate your project so you’re sure your family, designer, plus others (whoever is in your “team”) all have the same understanding of what you like and dislike out of the hundreds of different design styles, millions of colours and patterns, furniture and accessory options, and how you plan to use the finished space. They are all on board, willing and excited to get stuck in before you invest your time and money into this future creation (and every subsequent renovation you embark on).

    * If you are doing a project that involves more than just you, leverage a mix of different design personalities that will share the renovated space with them. Know how to enrol your family or partner to get a successful outcome for all parties.

    * Feel confident and in love with your finished project. You are not swayed by rapidly moving trends, or well-meaning mother-in-law and ‘friends’ who believe their opinion is better than yours-even when you spend 69.7% of every day indoors in your home, and they rarely come around to visit in reality!

    Bottomline: Whether you’re doing DIY design or working with a professional, you’ll be able to translate your vision for your future home into a clear design plan. And you’ll do this in a way that makes it possible to communicate your biggest ambitions to everyone involved. If you haven’t already grabbed my 3 essential preparation steps guide + budget sheet, get it here.

    Otherwise, learn more about Your Ultimate Design Brief course here. I look forward to guiding you to becoming a Fearless Happy Homeowner®!