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Finding the Soul in Your Home: A Journey with Your Unique Design Personality

Finding The Soul In Your Home: A Journey With Your Unique Design Personality


Hello, future Fearless Happy Homemaker! 👋✨

Ever walked into a house that looked perfect but felt, well, lifeless?


Close friends of Janet and her partner experienced just that. A house meticulously built and designed, yet lacking that intangible essence—the soul.

Janet Strode-Penny shares, “Each element they added was ‘nice,' however, the house has no soul. It still feels wrong.”


So, she decided to embark on a transformative journey—enrolling in the ‘Your Unique Design Personality' course by our very own Kristina, the design guru! Here's a peek into Janet's adventure and the incredible insights she gained:


Discovering Your Design DNA: Pillar Four Seasonal Personality 🌸🍂

Janet's first major lightbulb moment? Unveiling her Seasonal Personality—Spring with a touch of Autumn. Through this discovery, she not only understood herself better but also decoded her partner's design personality. Instantly she knew they both would love:

“Floating furniture for Spring. Solid earthy beams and furniture for Autumn. It was cool!”


The Power of Colours: Lightbulb Moment #2 💡🎨

Learning about the use of the percentage of three main colours was another game-changer. Janet created a stunning collage board inspired by seasonal plants and weeds, guiding her colour choices effortlessly towards knowing her design personality (and her soul's needs).

“The realization that I could use colours that bring me joy was, well, joyous! I now feel confident in applying colour to our home.”


Building a Home Theatre: Fun and Functionality 🍿🎬

Imagine needing a movie theatre in your house! #deepimpact. For Janet, this realisation emphasised that her house is a tool for play.


No Walls, No Ceiling: Endless Possibilities 🏡🌌

Through the course, Janet embraced the idea of an imaginary house with no boundaries. This helped her to dig deep to find her (and her partners') deep-rooted needs and unconscious desires before starting the renovation. 

“My world now has no ceiling! The possibilities are endless!”


Let The Renovation Project Now Begin! 🪚 ⚒️

By now knowing their home design personalities, Janet and her partner could start the first of three major renovation projects with confidence.

”The renovation GO button has now been pushed, and the builders arrive tomorrow for our first project, ‘The Little House’. I am going to use the interiors of our two houses as practise for the final one.”


A Valuable Recommendation from Janet 🌈👩‍🎨

Janet's valuable recommendation echoes loud and clear: “My recommendation is for you to take this course before starting any renovation project in your home. Don't end up with a soulless home like our friends have.”


Join the Joyous Journey! 🚀🏡

As Janet gears up for her upcoming renovations, she leaves us with these words, “Thank you, Kristina, as it has been invaluable for these two upcoming renovations, and there are a lot of exciting ideas milling around for the final one!”


So, potential Fearless Happy Homemaker, if you're dreaming of a home that not only looks good but feels like you, dive into the world of Your Unique Design Personality. Unleash the soul in your home, and let the joy of colour spread! 🌟💖

Stay Fearless, Stay Happy! 🏡✨