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Unlock Your Dream Home with The Austin Home Design Method!

🏡 Unlock Your Dream Home Interior with The Austin Home Design Method!

Create Your Personal Oasis: Your Home, Your Style, Your Sanctuary

It's true. There's a new and different way for you to successfully finish any room makeover to guarantee you will love it.


It's called ‘The Austin Home Design Method'. And it's very different from the common methods you're likely familiar with because of how it transforms your home improvement journey and provides you with a source of improved mental well-being and joy for years to come.


🛠️ Effortless Collaboration with Design Professionals, Contractors or your Partner!

As you'll discover, it brings you immediate benefits such as increased confidence, clarity, and efficient decision-making during the project.


Imagine embarking on your home improvement project with a newfound confidence, armed with a clear understanding of your unique home design personality.


You can now communicate effectively with design professionals, your partner, or any 3rd party contractors, ensuring a smoother collaboration and a result that aligns perfectly with your vision.


This clarity not only reduces uncertainty but also allows for more decisive decision-making, saving you both time and money.


This not only saves you from common pitfalls but also turns your home improvement journey into an enjoyable experience.


🎨 Benefits Beyond the Ordinary

But that's not all! Experience a profound shift in your daily life as you embrace the transformed space crafted with The Austin Home Design Method. Bask in the joy of personalised interiors that resonate with your unique home design style, fostering a haven of mental well-being and marital harmony.


Your home becomes more than a physical space—it becomes a sanctuary, elevating happiness, and nurturing a sense of tranquillity that transcends the boundaries of design.


🏆 Lifetime Skills for Lasting Success

Picture yourself avoiding costly mistakes and enjoying each phase of the project with excitement, knowing you're creating a space that truly reflects you.


This transformative experience isn't just for the current project; it equips you with lifetime skills that become a valuable asset for any future home improvement endeavours.


To guarantee joining the 24.6% of homemakers who truly love their completed home improvement project, you simply follow The Austin Home Design Method within my, ‘Your Unique Home Design Personality’ course. This ensures your success.


It doesn't require you to use an interior designer or be a seasoned DIY enthusiast. You don’t need to own your home – you may be renting.


You just need to be a homemaker who wants to live in a happy home that is their personal sanctuary and a true reflection of themselves. If that sounds like you – then this course is designed for you.


👩‍🚀 Meet Kristina Cope: Your Guide on this Journey

Hi, I'm Kristina Cope. I get it – the excitement, the challenges, and the deep desire for a home that reflects who you are. With over 30 years as an architect and interior designer, I've walked the path of countless homeowners, just like you.


I've seen the highs and lows of home improvement projects, and it's this shared journey that fuels my commitment to helping you navigate yours.


My goal is simple: to make your home a true reflection of your personality, a place where every corner tells your unique story.


My background spans from graduating from Auckland University to registering as an architect and qualifying as an Interior Designer.


But beyond the qualifications, what matters most is the understanding I've gained by working with homeowners, and design professionals and being a pracademic by helping my husband and his father build multiple homes for our family. I've been where you are, and I got so frustrated with why homemakers were not happy with their finished home improvement project I decided to do something about it!


I started a journey of in-depth analysis and commissioned research to pinpoint precisely where and why my design professional colleagues and I were making mistakes, as well as identifying common pitfalls for DIYers.


In response, I created The Austin Home Design Method, to enable homeowners and design professionals to avoid all these fatal mistakes. 


I now know how to guarantee that you can affordably have ongoing joy within your home – regardless of whether you rent or own the home.


✨ Embarking on a Journey to Your Dream Space

Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Your Unique Home Design Personality isn't just a course; it's your companion to creating a home that resonates with you at every step. Your dream space is closer than you think, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.


Starting a home improvement project without a clear plan is like sailing into uncharted waters. That's where Your Unique Home Design Personality comes in – your map to a seamless, enjoyable, and budget-friendly journey to your dream home.


🎯💡 What You'll Achieve:

  • Clarity Amidst Chaos: Imagine navigating your project with absolute clarity, every decision aligned with your unique style. The course unveils the secrets to crafting a home that feels unmistakably ‘you.'
  • Budget Mastery: Worried about blowing your budget? The Austin Home Design Method empowers you to make informed choices, saving you from the painful 29.6% budget blowout that haunts many projects.
  • Say Goodbye to Stress: Hundreds of decisions, sleepless nights, and anxiety – the usual companions of home improvement. Not anymore. My course turns complex choices into enjoyable milestones, eliminating the stress associated with the unknown.

🎉 Interactive and Fun Learning Experience

Concerned about a dull online course? Fear not! Our hybrid approach makes learning fun and interactive. Engage with fellow homemakers, share experiences, and revel in the joy of knowing your deep-rooted needs and unconscious desires before renovating your home.


💰🚫 Why You Can't Afford to Skip Taking This Course

Amy Baker attests, that before the course,  “I was already so overwhelmed just thinking about all the millions of decisions that would need to be made.  Now, I confidently steer my project, knowing every decision reflects my taste.”


Sarah Dodds concurs, I was a bit hesitant to enrol to start with, but I needed some inspiration for our home, so I took the plunge. I am so glad I did. This learn Your Design Personality Course has given me the confidence to express my own style and creativity.”


Investing in Your Unique Home Design Personality course is a wise decision that promises to deliver returns far beyond the initial cost.


I personally guarantee you will 10x your investment in taking this course through multiple project budget savings, and ongoing increased feelings of joy and happiness in your and your partner's life from spending ~70% of every day in your home.


Considering the average person undertakes approximately three major home improvement projects per home, the cumulative impact is enormous.


The benefits extend beyond the financial realm. Picture your home transformed into a source of joy and happiness for you and your partner, a priceless value that lasts a lifetime.


Your investment in this course ensures not just a beautiful home but an enduring sense of fulfilment and satisfaction with every project you embark on.


💸🌪️The Cost of Uncertainty

Choosing to skip this transformative journey isn't just a missed opportunity; it's a potential disaster. Without the course, you risk becoming a victim of rework, budget overruns, and decision fatigue. Keren and Amy took control of their projects; now, it's your turn.


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